NeeKKo: Entertainer With a Purpose

Neekko (Instagram: @yourgirlneekko) is a host, producer, and the founder of the #Educationiskey campaign, now turned into a non-profit 501(c)(3), from Los Angeles, CA who’s managed to launch a career independently and make a positive impact on the community. As a host, she has made it clear that she is the one to set the tone at your event. Neekko began her career during her studies at UC Santa Barbara and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Her mission is to be an entertainer with a purpose by radiating light and positivity in every setting through her brand and platform. She has taken the independent route for her entertainment career since her sophomore year of college.

Today she is known as the founder of the #Educationiskey Campaign & 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, her role as the co-host of The LA Cypher and host and face of entertainment company Project Pit plus more. Neekko enjoys working with positive entities and social enterprises, but she can also conquer more challenging acting roles such as her starring role in the stage play “A Funny Valentine” as Miko. She exhibits her ability to be versatile again in the “Reality Bites” comedy web series in her role as the fiesty Mercede. Nonetheless, Neekko displays an unmatched magnetic energy on and off the screen. This is just the beginning for Neekko’s career and she’s already out as a multi-talented young woman who is here to stay.

Being that NeeKKo considers herself an entertainer with a purpose, she has taken action to begin her goals of implementing events with a cause such as her toy drive, Toy To Remember, that she has joined a few partners on in making it happen annually with a quest to empower underserved communities by gifting toys to youth, and raising awareness surrounding issues such as homelessness, foster care, immigration, mental health, and special needs. Most recently, NeeKKo has launched her annual scholarship campaign, #Educationiskey, that she has had plans of executing for a while since the beginning of building her brand. Her campaign and non-profit 501(c)(3), #Educationiskey, promotes education with a quest to fundraise money for scholarships for inner city students of Los Angeles with hopes to also expand and provide scholarships for inner city students all over the world. As her brand grows and continues to develop, so will her range of purposeful events.

When she isn’t hosting an event, interviewing on someone’s red carpet or studio, featuring in a stage play or film, or plotting on her next move, you can find NeeKKo in the streets showing face and supporting someone’s event or at home eating a good meal and taking the best nap! You can stay connected with NeeKKo at, on Facebook, or on Instagram and Twitter @yourgirlneekko. Be sure to also subscribe to her Youtube channel!


Fundraising money for scholarships for inner city students of Los Angeles